Saturday, 2 December 2017

Christmas Advent - Acts of kindness

It's December again! Can you believe how fast this year has passed? I hope you've had a wonderful year so far. Starting on the 1st of December I will be sharing with you my Illustrated Christmas Advent on all my social media channels Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest. This is going to be my fifth year designing it and this year, besides creating an illustration I want to invite you to do a small random act of kindness every day. 

A few months back I started volunteering with a charity called Cause Corps hosting a workshop to make sock toys for children. They organise many activities such as making beanies for premature babies and writing postcards for sick children and the aim of the charity is to encourage people to do good daily. Inspired by this, I want to encourage you to do some small act of kindness wherever you are everyday. For me Christmas is all about giving and I think that being kind is a wonderful gift because we spread love and happiness to the world and this year especially we need more of that.

Feel free to share this advent with everybody!

December 1

December 2

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