Sunday, 10 April 2016

Published books and cluelessness

This was the first year that my designs were at the biggest children's book fair (of the world?) celebrated last week in Bologna. I was very excited to have my agents showing my portfolio to potential clients but I didn't realise that some of the books I worked on last year were going to be shown in the publisher's stands! I found a catalogue featuring my designs... I'm sorry that I missed the opportunity of sharing the info live, while the fair was happening :( but it's better late than never. 

The first one is a set of 4 very colourful board books for small children - I was so happy for being allowed to use super bright colours in this book.

The second set features children in onesies and costumes - This one was so much fun to draw, I love onesies!

In other news, if there's a WHSmith near you or your loved ones you can find 2 mid year diaries featuring my designs!   

Or you could order them online if you live in the UK (click on the images to go to the shop) 


  1. Aw!!! love these! wish that cat diary was available in the us... :O)

    1. Oh me too! hopefully someday I'll have some products in the US :)


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