Tuesday, 8 December 2015


I'm sure many of you have heard of the Make Art That Sells (MATS) e-course taught by Lilla Rogers. After seeing so many beautiful designs by alumni of the course, I decided to enrol this past October for part B - I was travelling for the first week, I didn't know the course was going to be so intense from the beginning!

The first week's market was paper and the theme was Christmas biscuits. I drew hundreds of biscuits until I could almost taste and smell them from the pictures. I almost convinced myself that if I could draw the biscuits, maybe I could also bake them and decorated them.... I haven't tried yet, but it looks difficult :(

The second week's market was baby apparel and the theme was lucky charms. This is a market I'm super interested in, I'd love to see my designs on all kinds of baby products - specially pyjamas!  - If you want me to design something for this market please email me!!! :) - I love cats and Japan so I designed a print and a pattern with the famous maneki neko.  

The third week's market was scrapbook and the theme was cruise ships. I didn't know much about this market before but I loved creating all the icons and thinking about all the possibilities for products - washi tape, stickers, patterned paper, stamps, etc. 

The forth week was editorial design and we were to design a map of where we live - town, city, country, etc - This was a very challenging brief for me; this was my first time designing a map like this and deciding on my favourite places in HK was difficult too. 

The last week's theme was party paper and the theme was Ukrainian and Bavarian folk art. I enjoyed this assignment so much and I loved researching and discovering so many beautiful designs from around the world. At the end I was inspired by Russian and Ukrainian folk art...  my favourite part was drawing lots of flowers. 

All in all it was a great experience, it's a shame that Lilla won't be doing more live reviews during the MATS courses - I was thinking about taking MATS part A next year but it seems like I missed my chance :(

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