Monday, 8 September 2014

Birds pattern

So, here's the last submission I did for the Summer School for the intermediate brief. The theme was feathers and the first thought I had was birds. I sketched lots of birds but I couldn't think of how to put the pattern together, what other elements to add or how to make birds look cute... so I had a crisis for about 2 days where the only thing I did was worry about the deadline and feel sad about my lack of inspiration...  

I must confess I put the pattern together at the last minute - maybe the pressure with the deadline help me get myself together?- I chose a different colour palette than the one they provided because I felt this one fitted well with my pattern and my mood at the moment.

I quite like it, it looks nice as a wallpaper. I wish I owned a house to try it out :) What do you think? Do you think it works well as a wallpaper? or is it to bright? Working as an interior designer has taught me that people like their houses beige and grey... or is it only in Hong Kong?

This is a complementary pattern I did using the same birds but less elements - it looks more minimalistic, obviously!- but I prefer a pattern full of elements to look at and to discover everytime you look at it. 

I hope you like this post. I like to read and visit blogs that tell stories and I thought I'd do that with my blog. 

Have a nice day!

PD Check out the gallery with everyone's designs

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