Friday, 22 August 2014

Summer School

Hello, I've been working very hard lately because I'm taking part in the MIID (Make it in Design) summer school - from the creators of The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design e-course that I've been doing-. Every 2 weeks we get a brief and from there we design a pattern. 

These are my submissions for the second brief of the intermediate and advanced tracks. The concept for the intermediate track was animal print and Iwanted to do something cute with animals and so I drew cute tigers and lions and did an  unconventional animal print

The concept for the advanced track was tribal, and for this one I drew a mixture of forest creatures and tribal elements. I really loved all the heart designs I found in Peruvian textiles so I decided to include lots of hearts in the design.
I'm quite happy with the end result, I think they look cute enough :) 

Here you can see the Advanced and Intermediate galleries with all the designs submitted by many talented people from around the world. 

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