Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Cuddly cute creatures

Almost 2 years ago after lots of soul searching and meditating about my life and stuff, I realised that what I wanted to do with my life was to draw. I didn't know if I was any good at it and I didn't feel very comfortable with my drawings, but I just felt so happy doing cards for any occasion for my family and some friends. Then I went to Paperchase for the first time in my life and I realised that I wanted to see my drawings in every format and that drawings didn't need to be realistic but expressive and with personality.

After that, I did lots of searching on illustration, illustrators, how to become one, tutorials, etc! Finding Illustration Friday has been amazing for my self- training and also to discover artists that inspire me and influence me. Through IF I found the print and pattern blog, and through it I discovered the Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design

I decided to enrol in the ABSPD after seeing all the beautiful patterns showcased at the end of each module. The course didn't disappoint and because of all the nice things we learned, I've have got more confidence about my designs and I've got 2 of my illustrations showcased in the Moyo Magazine!!! Whoop, whoop!

This is the collection I designed for the Module 2 showcase. The collection is called "Cuddly Cute Creatures" and features cats, dogs, foxes and more cats. They chose to show my  "I ♥ my onesie" pattern for the student's showcase. Here's the blog post I did about it. 

Anyway, I though this design was a perfect match for this week's IF word: Pattern

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